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Australia v USA: Battle of the Beers

In the beer battle of all beer battles, the two ultimate teams going head to head are the Aussies vs. the Yanks. Australia vs. America. North vs. South. You get the picture – it’s a battle until the beery death.

Perhaps not so dramatic, but there is a rivalry between the two countries when it comes to who has the best beer.

If you’re a beer-drinking connoisseur, you will have tried a few of the brands that come from both countries.

If you haven’t yet, well, good – because you need this article to tell you which is the best one. What makes a great beer? Is it the brand? The temperature? The hops?

Some people believe that it’s the type of barley used in the brewing process, but the barley has been thought to contribute to the beer’s malt rather than flavor.

Europe has a ton of gorgeous beer options, but today we’re focusing on these two countries instead.

When it comes to beer, both countries have their merits, so let’s go down a list of reasons why each is the best of the two, and then we can come up with a verdict!

Aussie Beer - Winning At Flavor?

Australian barley has been found to have over eight times the flavor compounds as the barley in the US, and as Australian barley can be more flavorful, there’s an instant win for flavor for the Aussies.

There are actually 106 different flavor compounds in barley, so the Aussie beer offers more taste for the brands on sale than America. With more flavor, beer is a winner for Australia.

When it comes to studies that have ranked various flavors, Australian comes up on top over America, Canada, and even China.

Taste is everything in beer, and whether you are relaxing at home or you’re heading out with friends, you want to be able to enjoy your drink. The number of beer brands out there runs into the thousands, but you need to know which one is considered to be the best beer in Australia.

Many factors make up a great beer, but craft breweries in Australia are using the best ingredients to make sure that the beer tastes fantastic.

Once the beer is fermented, the flavors settle before they head into the pubs and clubs.

You don’t need to be a genius at drinking beer; you just need to try out a range of brands.

Appreciate the color, the smell, the taste – beer is about balance, and Aussies know their beery balances!

The Brewers Association of Australia says that the beer industry makes up 1% of the country’s GDP. 

The industry is huge, and it’s booming for a good reason! With the range of possibilities for beer, Australia beats out many of the other options around the globe.

Australia is in its little bubble – such a huge country and a range of breweries mean that the public are bound to find something they love!

Some of the best beers include:

  • Ale: Full-bodied and fruity, it can sometimes have spicy notes.
  • Malt-Based: These beers are sweeter, with a caramel, nutty flavor
  • Stout: The darkest beer around, it’s got bitter depths from the barley that’s been roasted
  • Lager: The lightest of them all, it’s refreshing and crisp in Aussie branded beer

Is Australia the best at beer? Probably! The culture alone is worth a few drinks with friends.

The thing is, Aussie beer can be some of the most expensive by the case, which is off-putting for some who want to chill out with a drink and can’t afford to!

However, when it comes to flavors, Aussie beer is revered, renowned, and darn good!

Some of the best branded options include:

  • Victoria Bitter. It’s the strongest beer in Australia and for a good reason. A bitter, the flavor is nothing short of full-bodied and it’s a beer that has no-frills to it. Perfect for Australians, it’s at the top of the list as the best beer in the country.
  • Stone and Wood Pacific Ale. A golden craft beer, Stone and Wood Pacific Ale uses only the best hops and barley in the country. It’s refreshing, fruity but not sickly and mild. It’s carbonated, but not to the point of being far too fizzy to enjoy.
  • Little Creatures Pale Ale. Did you know that American hops were used to create the delicate finish for this pale Aussie option. It’s free of all additives and rubbish, and it’s got a twist to make it a true Aussie beer.
  • Coopers Original Pale Ale. For 150 years, Coopers Original Pale Ale has been the haziest pale ale with the most natural malty taste in Australia. It’s a cheap beer, which gives Australians a great option for BBQs!
  • Australian beer comes with a culture, and a high price tag much of the time. Aussie beer is also a preferred option for many who want to taste high quality brands and less of the “yellow swill” in the mass-produced American markets. The craft options are coming up trumps with regards to taste because the beers are made so carefully with a unique style behind them. The right craft beers are delicious in Australia, and the flavors because of the hops and barley are incredible.

America - Winning Overall?

Okay, so we know we have to show both sides of the story, so we’re going to slide on over to the American side now.

Is it good? Well, it’s a matter of taste for both the American options and the Aussie ones.

We’re going to talk about why America could be the one that offers the best beer – and see if you agree.

Did you know that America is in the middle of a beer revolution? A beervolution, if you will.

Given that imports and exports are a little more difficult due to pandemic craziness, drinking locally in America is the best option.

Over time, European beers have been carefully cultivated and changed by local brewers to get the most unusual beers.

Sometimes, these don’t work and other times, there is a little bit of Yankee genius in those beer concoctions.

Experimentation is real in American breweries, and it’s the reason behind over 150 different styles of beer.

Of course, you only really need to know five types of beer if you’re drinking in America:

  • Pilsner. You want refreshing and fizzy, but not too fizzy, right? Well, you want Pilsner. This was the drink that was the inspiration for Budweiser, but it’s better!
  • Kolsch. Similar to Pilsner, Kolsch is more floral and it’s like taking that walk through nature you can’t be bothered to do while you sip.
  • Saison. A variety of flavors is a must in beers, and Saison has the edge. It’s very fizzy, though, and it’s the closest thing that you’ll find to champagne in the beer world.
  • Gose. the ingredients for Gose definitely proves the experimentation point. Whether you like them or not, Gose is made with salt, lactobacillus, and coriander. Lactobacillus has the same sour bacteria that you’ll find in sauerkraut and yogurt. It tastes good, though it doesn’t seem like it!
  • Brown Ale. Roasted nutty tones and chocolate flavors go amazingly well with grilled foods, which makes brown ale perfect for BBQs.

There are no IPAs listed here despite the fact that they’re a popular beer, but you want to try the five above. Go on, try them.

If you want the beer with the best hops flavoring, then look for the higher IBU numbers in American beer, and if you want to find a bigger alcoholic content, look at the ABV.

American beers have these figures on the sides of the bottle.

If you want to know make sure that you are choosing a good American beer, then look for the beers that are in Portland, Oregon.

Didn’t you know it’s the new beer world capital? With the largest market for beers that are locally-crafted, Oregon is steeped in beery culture.

You can see a number of bars, pubs and breweries in Portland, so you’ll find something to suit somewhere here.

The bar crawls that can be organized are insane, and they’re popular and noted for a darn great reason!

Fruity? Nah!

People talk about American beer being fruity, but fruit beer doesn’t have to taste fruity and that’s a winner for the American options!

Of course, unless the beer is packed with flavoring – ew.

Some fruity beers are crisp and dry as opposed to sickly sweet, but these can taste more like a cider than a beer.

It can taste fresh and delicious over fruity and overly sweet, and America has won this one!

In America, you can choose whether you head to beer festivals or you can go to the nearest bar and brewery and still find a range of beers available to taste.

Beer festivals are not the best way to drink  beer, though, in thimble-sized portions.

You can instead head to any one of the amazing bars and beer halls instead. America has plenty of those!

American beers can be tasted anywhere and yet it goes far beyond the Coors, Miller and Bud beers of the country.

The quality of American beer is remarkable, but the mass market beers are always sneered at for being “yellow swill”.

The good news is that American beer has enough variety that it’s much more than yellow swill.

Micro-brewers have saved the day in America, especially over the last fifteen years.

It may have taken some time, but good beer came over time when the public realized its palate and finally got itself together with the beer market.

Sure, light beers are still dominating the market right now, but craft beers are making its move.

Microbreweries are growing from strength to strength, with plenty of brilliant options in the US market today.

You just have to know where to look!

You wouldn’t think about Foster’s when referring to Aussie beers, so you can’t base your American beer opinion on just Bud.

The beer variety is vast, and if you’re sampling american beers, you need to sample them all.

The craft beer scene is releasing some of the best beers in the world at the moment, but versus Australian beers, who wins?

The Verdict

Australian versus American, beers are beers are beers. Right?

Aussie beers have more alcohol, where American beers have more variety.

Aussie beers have more flavors, where American beers are fruitier in some respects.

American beers are cheaper compared to Australian beers, but many taste cheaper, too.

Which one is better?

Well, that depends where you go and who you ask! Australian beer offers more flavour and American beer offers a ton of craft options.

Unfortunately, on many different “best beers in the world” lists, the United States always seems to come out on top for the better options.

They won’t beat out European countries, of course, no one does.

But, America wins.

Some people may choose to deny this, but the US is a world leader for a reason.

Those breweries we’re talking about in this article are opening at rates of 1.5 per day and they dominate the lists around the world despite consumption dipping in the US.

The style of brewing is so popular in America for a reason, and some of the styles used are so unique that other breweries are opening using their techniques.

However you talk about it, the beer culture in the US is blowing up!

Sure, Australia has a range of beers and they have the culture for it, but the expense of a case of beer – bottled or not – makes it harder to say that Aussie beer is better!

But the world seems to love American beer!

Beer is as old as civilization – says Garrett Oliver, and he’s not wrong.

It’s hard to quantify which beer has true global supremacy, but in the race between Australia and America?

Australia has the culture, but America has the beer.

Don’t hate us, try them all out for yourself – slowly, no poisoning please.

If you’re worried, check out our built in online blood alcohol calculator!

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